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Game of Thrones: What They Don’t Show You On HBO (Spoiler Alert) [Video]

Game of Throne Secrets
Game of Throne Secrets

Dear Professor Savings fans,

In just a few short years, Game of Thrones has transcended to not just immortal status bug BIG BUSINESS.

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But few realize the expensive top quality production HBO spends so here is a behind the scenes look.

There’s something about gawking at medieval fantasies that the world just can’t resist. From the lives of nobles to the lowliest peasant, everything comes together so beautifully in the final product. You would never know that most of engaging fantasy is created on a computer.

Get a behind the scenes glimpse at what goes into making a Game of Thrones episode. From small elemental changes to building entire cities and all of its inhabitants, it’s truly mesmerizing to watch the before and after happen right before your eyes.

We could say that watching this reel of Season 4’s visual effects was a real spoiler. There’s something special that comes with believing your favorite characters are scaling mountains and rowing tiny boats lost at sea. Fortunately, Game of Thrones is just so awesome nothing can steal its shine.

This rare glimpse is like a through the curtains look into the thoughts of a mastermind. It takes us forever just to type a post on Twitter, these guys deserve a true standing ovation.

More than that, can you imagine how much money goes into such an elaborate production? Studio time, programing, and editing alone probably costs a pretty penny.

Not to mention the casting budget. I can only imagine how much medieval soldiers eat for lunch. Thank God for YouTube channels like Professor Savings.

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