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“Frozen” Fan or Not, You Must See This Video

Frozen Kids

You see two little girls, one decked out in Frozen dress up gear, and there’s two ways you most likely process this. The first is “How cute?”, and the other is “More Frozen stuff, and more kids parent’s out to make them famous …great.” Either way, you’re a rational person, but this video is maybe the only one in the entire world that’ll completely curb any expectation you might have.

Little Maddie and Zoe are all plugged in to some serious recording gear, some people might even say professional recording gear, but these two are far from professionals, and it you can tell early on that that’s the point. These are two kids having fun, and two kids having fun is more enjoyable to watch than a trained Broadway star singing songs they’re being paid to perform, at least it is in the context of browsing web videos.

Nothing against Frozen, or its star and her Broadway roots, but the obvious lack of voice lessons heard in this version of the Frozen favorite Let it Go is one of my favorites, and will probably be one of yours as well. Seeing two kids put their hearts into something they love, for no reason other than the fact that they love it, is sure to lift your spirits and the quality of your day, and will maybe even inspire you to pick up some old hobbies of your own, not because you were an immensely talented painter, singer, skateboarder or whatever, but because you had fun.

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