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Key Of Managing Employees

In this video John Schantter talked about how he learned a critical management lesson from his father.

His father, an owner of a tavern, decided to hire a woman who didn’t know how to cook to be a cook.

Everyone thought that his father is crazy, including Schnantter. Who would like to hire a cook without cooking skills? But guess what, the reason of his father doing so is because that woman had a really good attitude. That woman, who had been staying in the tavern of his father for almost three decades, is still an employee of Schnatter’s family now.

This spark a notion in Schnatter’s head, which is you need to empower your employees to swim on their own.

“I don’t think you can control people. I don’t think you manage people. I think you give people a direction, you give them the resources, you lead by example.”, said Schnatter.

Now, Schnatter’s pizza operation, is a global franchise that reached up to $1.4 billion in sales last year alone.

“That goes from top to bottom, then I think people will manage themselves, they will motivate themselves.”

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