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FORBES: Hong Kong’s The Top 10 Billionaire and What They Did To Get There

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Forbes recently released the list of Hong Kong’s Top Billionaires and a  snippet of what they did to get there.

Hong Kong has known to be an international financial hub but these billionaires were able to not only capitalize on finance but also a vast industry from real real estate to hospitality.

While Hong Kong boasts many of these billionaires and many that were  self made, we must also point out the big disparity between the rich and poor.

Last year, Professor Savings released a drone video that features the Starling Price Comparisons between HK and US featured in Coconuts digital media

Our drone video shows the minimum wage as well as the expensive living cost.

So here is the list with Li Ka Shing taking the top spot 17th year in a row.  Li Ka Shing has been knows as “Superman” partly due to his amazing success in different industries.

Li Ka-shing aka “Business Superman” is reportedly worth around $35 billion according to Forbes. 

His business success included retail global conglomerates that span to more than 50 countries. 

Li Ka Shing was born in 1928 in Chiu Chow, which is a coastal city in the southeastern part of China.

Growing up in modest upbringing, at the young age of 12 he had no choice but to quite school and journey to Hong Kong to avoid war.

   Before he was 15, the Hong Kong tycoon’s father died and has to provide for his family.  He started off working in a plastic firm where he worked for 16 hours a day but by 1950s he became an entrepreneur exporting plastic flowers to the United States and started his company known as Cheung Kong Industries.

  Despite having so much wealth, Li Ka Shing is known to live a modest lifestyle wearing simple black dress shoes and a simple Seiko wristwatch.

Li Ka Shing does spend money on living well residing in one of the most expensive houses in Deep Water Bay. 

The 86 year old remains in good physical condition rising before 6am and playing golf for an hour and a half and then hops on a treadmill for 15 minutes at noon times.


Here is the list

#10: Walter Kwok – USD6.7 billion (HKD52 billion)

#9: Joseph Tsai – UDS6.9 billion (HKD53.5 billion)

#8: Peter Woo – USD7.9 billion (HKD61.3 billion)

#7: Michael Kadoorie – USD8.9 billion (HKD69 billion)

#6: Joseph Lau – USD10.9 billion (HKD84.6 billion)

#5: Lui Che Woo – USD13.4 billion (HKD104 billion)

#4: Thomas & Raymond Kwok – USD14.7 billion (HKD 114 billion)

#3: Chen Yu-Tung – USD15 billion (HKD116.4 billion)

#2: Lee Shau Kee – USD25 billion (HKD194 billion)

#1: Li Ka-shing  – USD33.5 (HKD260 billion)

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