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Be Flexible like a Bamboo to conquer Obstacles

Bamboo (flexible or break)

During my junior year at UC Berkeley, my mom gave me a call at my dorm.  By the sound of her voice, I knew that it was serious.  She said, “son, I have something important to tell you.  I have been released from the company.”  As I heard the news, I supported her telling her that she will find a new job.  For some reason, I cried. 

I cried because I grew up seeing my mom in the same shipping company since I was in first grade.  She was with the same company from my days as a first grader up until my junior year in college.  I can recall the memories when I accompanied her her downtown office as she worked overtime so that she would have more money to bring home.  

In fifth grade, we had a family meeting at home.  My father told me that he would take a job and working in Hong Kong.  This meant that I would only see my father for about six weeks in a year.  Daddy would come home for Christmas, Chinese New Year, and a few week during the summer.  As a fifth grader, I was sad because of this news.

My mommy explained that daddy is becoming an “astronaut.”  I was puzzled when I heard the term since I knew that with my dad’s athletic ability, he can barely shoot a three foot jump shot without air balling.  My mommy explained that an “astronaut” is a term used when daddy is leaving his home, San Francisco, and goes to a mission to Hong Kong.

My father  had a great career opportunity in Hong Kong since he has built a strong network living in Hong Kong over thirty years of his life.  Over the weekends, I would see my friends got out as a family with their fathers and question where my daddy was doing thousands of miles away.

On Saturdays, I would often stay at home to keep my mommy company and one day I asked her and said, “as a wife, don’t you miss daddy.  Isn’t it hard not having your husband around to support the family.”

My mommy told me that having kids were pride and joy.  She emphasized that in life, we must adjust to different changes in life.  As I remember so clearly, she said, “if I don’t let your father take this career opportunity, he may regret it for the rest of his life.”

Mommy taught me to be flexible to changes in life.  She emphasized the importance to take great opportunity before the door closes.  Looking back, daddy made the right decision. 

Daddy spent about eight years in China and now he can enjoy life with no career regreats.  More importantly, my mommy taught me that we must be like a bamboo.  When the wind blows representing change, we must bend or else we would break.  I learn that at an early age, don’t control life or else we have life controlling us.

Image to remember: bamboo

Point to consider: when challenging changes happen in our life, we must be flexible and adjust.  Don’t try to control everything in life or else we will not live in peace.



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