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Financial tips for college going kids

Heading off to college is exciting for most young adults, but there are things you must know about budgeting and spending your money before you get there.


Financial tips for college going kids

This will see you through tough times and help establish a good financial future. Here they are:

• Use that credit card as less as you can: If you need to then you must, but you don’t then avoid it. Credit cards can be harsh when it comes to interest rates especially if you can’t afford to pay the entire bill on time. Keep a close eye on the rate of interest. If you will use them wisely be sure to have a good credit history for good.

You must keep a close watch on what you spend on: It is a rule of thumb-always use cash wherever you can. If you have to choose between a credit card and a debit one, use the debit card instead. Spot-on accounting will help you budget well for the future.

• Keep away from unnecessary shopping: Most girls will find this tip out of all these financial tips for college students hard to digest, let alone follow. It gets tough to stop those shopping cravings. Be it a new dress or pumps, avoid purchasing them if you don’t need them. Most of the stuff we buy, never end up being worn or used. Same goes for the guys; avoid purchasing gadgets you can without. This way you will end up having more than the rest of your friends

• Earn on the side: If you have a lot of free time on your hands, get a part time job. You could write articles, work on a per hour basis at Mc Donald’s or could even take surveys online. You could walk your neighbour’s dog for a couple of bucks for a week and see how that works out. There is so much that you could do. Some folks even sell their crafts online. Every dollar counts. Earning more than what you usually get shall make sure that you are financially doing well.

Avoid the junk food and fancy restaurants: Doing this shall save out a lot. Eating all those burgers and pizzas will deplete you of your hard earned money. Instead cook food at home. Avoid going to the supermarket when you are hungry.

These financial tips for college kids will help you push through college with enough money without having to worry about the future.

1) College kids must make use of cash first. Debit card second and if one must, then your credit card.

2) To do proper budgeting, one must keep an eye-out on every buck spent.

3) Kids must avoid unnecessary fast-food joints and splurging money on clothes they don’t need.



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