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Financial Aid Tips Parents

If you’ve got children, chances are that you feel like you’re spending all the time. But, with a careful budget, you can still set money aside for savings.

Financial Aid Tips Parents

Here are some financial aid tips for parents which will help you plan better as parent for your child’s future and your own

1. Make an effort to know what your EFC will be like:

Estimations on your expected family contribution or your EFC are important. These will give you a rough idea about how money you will be required to spend when your child is in his junior year. With this rough estimate you will identify which kinds of scholarships and associated loans will make sure that your child’s tuition fees are met with. The more information with you, the easier it will be for you to plan.

2. Lower whatever the child savings are: Make sure that your child understands the importance of savings. Keep a separate fund for college.

3. Get a vague idea about marketing: This is probably one of the most highly rated awards. Make sure that your child’s achievements and accomplishments are highlighted. If it isn’t no award committee will consider the scholarship for your child.

4. Speak to the financial aid office: While on visits to various campuses, make it a point to seek the financial aid office. This will help get your child campus related awards. Take note of the contacts you make as these will help you further down the road.

5. Snoop around :Find out whether the application is affected if you seek aid. If it is the case, make sure you find out why and how.

6. Make decision in advance:

If you are thinking of making For Early Action, see how it could affect the chance of getting the aid. Early decisions will prevent any comparison of awards.

7. Keep a lookout for any deadlines:

The earlier your child makes his file for an application, the easier you will get the aid.

8. Fill the FAFSA

Filling out the application will entitle you to loans, grants and work and study awards.

9. Make sure the college knows of your special case: If you have got a pink sip post FAFSA, then make sure your school knows about it.

These financial aid tips for parents are sure help you get the funding you require.



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