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Financial Advice to Women—Learn to Live Well –

Whether your home is just you – or you are part of a team, knowing how to handle your finances is important for everyone, especially women.


Financial Advice to Women—Learn to Live Well

A number of women have also taken the career path and prefer to remain alone.

Financial independence for women is the call of the day. It is necessary for women to understand the need to good financial planning. They should take advice from experts on issues like protection benefits, savings, budgeting and retirement policies.

Financial Advice to Women

Prepare a budget and follow it. A simple system of bookkeeping will help in knowing the amount of money coming and the amount of money spent. This will also help one to live within the means.

 The monthly bills should be known and understood clearly. They reveal the status of one’s way of living. They give ideas of extraordinary expenditure and where expenses can be reduced or more expenditure can be done in other fields.

 The next step is to set a goal to save some amount of money. This is the part of the savings account which maybe with a company or in the bank.

 Next some money should be kept aside as personal fund — which will help in purchasing books, clothes, entertainment and for travel. These expenditures should be done wisely when sales discounts and deals are available in the e market.

 Take advice for investing in different policies from financial experts to have money growing and used in times required for education for children, marriage and to pay heavy medical bills when required.

 It is necessary to learn the art of boosting the credit score. Credit cards are the most popular ways for expenditure these days. A financial expert can be the best guide to these transactions and build a good score to get help from lenders if required.

 A career oriented woman should learn all the financial transactions and policies of the bank and investment.

 It is essential to know the investment schemes, bank transactions, and other finance related issues.


Financial Advice to Women includes

• Learn to save and invest in a proper manner.

• Keep a record in writing of all financial transactions—bank or cash.

• Women should increase their financial knowledge by reading books, talking to experts or reading online.



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