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Female Leaders share secrets of success

The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) is a two day invitation-only event connecting female leaders in different industries, to share the best practices and challenges of women-owned business in the global economy.


It is an amazing chance for global female leaders to share their thoughts and also learn from each other. “Look at these people; if they can do it we can all do it.” That’s what the idea that the conference hope can bring to every woman on the earth.


DWEN also aims at contributing to the world to “make the world better”, and they think that starting from children is a good idea. DWEN provides an excellent opportunity for young leaders that are deciding to come into technology and develop their own entrepreneurships. Children of female leaders are invited to join this conference. When you are sitting together with women that overcame many challenges and became success, there were always things that they can learn from.


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