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Escape to Scotland without Leaving Home

Rolling hills and cliffs that seem to go on forever not just across Scotland but the entire world, small patches of land with a single house built on them and a steam train over a long stretch of railroad. This is Scotland!


The sights n this video are beautiful and while they all work together to confirm one thing, that visiting Scotland one day is a must, they also leave me wondering why I don’t know more about this place, its’ landmarks, and the land itself. What are these two giant horsehead sculptures sticking out of the middle of the highway and what are they meant to symbolize? Why they aren’t two sculptures of unicorn heads isn’t that the national animal of Scotland?


Visually, you can tell that a lot of work went into filming this. The location shots are breathtaking, ad not the sort of tourist video you’d get from far away while a guide stands and points out landmarks. The lighting is flawless at all times, and seems like the sun shines brighter on Scotland than other parts of the world, keeping it perfectly illuminated at all times.


To help underscore the display of a beautiful Scotland, the cameraman uses beautiful music, no lyrics are sang and no words are added to the footage with the exception of a logo placed in at the very end crediting the videographer John Duncan for his work, and inviting audiences to come and see more of it.


I’d advise you all to check out Duncan’s work, starting with this video of course, and also to CLICK HERE to subscribe to Professor Savings for tips on how to save money; the sort of money that could get you to a place like this one day to explore it up close!



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