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Entrepreneur Mindset- Take the Staircase versus the Elevator

Staircase versus the Elevator

Take The Staircase don’t wait for the Elevator

by Rayfil Wong

A few months ago, I went with my friend to an AMC theatre to watch Spider Man 2.  After the movie, my friends and I waited on the ground floor for the elevator so that we can ascend to the fouth floor to retrieve his car.

We were a two anxious guys waiting to go home after a long night out.  As I looked around, about twenty people surrounded us with the same goal of taking the next available elevator.  There were no lines so I anticipate that we would just use our quick feet to find a place in the elevator.

I was ready to use my basketball skills and box out for a spot on the elevator similar to going for a rebound.  Unfortunately, we waited for another five minutes and the elevator was still not coming down. 

I glance to my left and saw the flights of stairs.  I suggested to my friend that we take the stair yet he did not want to move after waiting so long.

This incident reminds me the difference between a go getter person versus someone who complains about life waiting for doors to open for them.  A few of my friends often as me, “how can I climb the corporate ladder when there are so many people in a company?” 

I often tell them that they can’t wait for the elevator door to open, but they often have to climb the stairs.  In life, we must create our opportunities.  I often suggest to my friends to arrive half an hour to work and be one of the last to leave for work. 

Also, I suggested to my friends that they let their supervisor know that they want to be challenged.  My strategically said to his boss, “in five years, I don’t want to be at the same point in my life because it means that I did not progress. If I am not a Sr. Sales Engineer Director by then, I would not met my goal.”

My friend’s boss clearly understood that my friend Joe needed to be challenged so he got promoted to Sr. Sales Engineer and also negotiated a pay raise.  

Often times in life, we just wait for the elevator door to come.  Instead, I encourage all my friends to create those doors and to be pro-active.  If the elevator door does not open, people can look at opens and climb the stairs which represent entrepreneurs.  I am currently working for Jackson University and the elevator door to be promoted to a manager will not open.

My manager has been with the company for over fifteen years so he will not be moved up or bumped down and my District Manager has been performing so well.  Hence, I headed toward the direction being an entrepreneur and climbing the stairs to get to the top.  The advantage is that I can control my own destiny but the disadvantage is that it will take time and hard work to make it to the top.

Image to remember: Elevator and Stair case.

Point to remember: In life, don’t wait for the elevator door to open.  Create opportunities in your career.  Taking the staircase as an entrepreneur is an option but it takes hard work and perseverance.



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