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How Elsa & Anna Look Like Behind the Screen

When was the last time children and parents would listen to the same song and memorize the lyrics so hard that as if they are having SAT exams! I bet this “new” version of Frozen will bring all the fangirls, fan-children, or even fan-parents to a whole new level!

The snow glows white in New Jersey tonight
Not a tank top to be seen
A kingdom of refrigeration
And it looks like I will freeze
The wind is howling and I need to get inside
Any longer now, and I’ll get frostbite

Don’t let cold in, don’t let us freeze
Be a good girl and go turn up the heat
Until the chill leaves with the snow
We’re Eskimos

It is cold, it is cold
Can’t go outside anymore
It is cold, it is cold
Run inside and slam the door
I don’t care if you want to play
Go outside if you want
The cold always bothered me every day

It’s funny how this weather makes everything so cold
Why is the thermostat only set to sixty-four?
My nose is red and my hands are blue
I think that I might get the flu
More soup, more warmth, more coats for me
More heat

It is cold, it is cold
When I shovel outside
It is cold, it is cold
I hate snowball fights
A snowball just hit me in the face
Let the war rage on

Well before the song gets popular, I don’t think ‘frozen’ is nice word that triggers you to think of something good in your life, especially when it comes to money, no one wants their bank accounts to be “frozen” due to debts or whatever. So, knowing some finance basics and investment tips can surely save your arses some days! Now CLICK HERE to subscribe to professorsavings channel for more daily money saving videos!



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