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Dubstep Robot Wars

In this animated short video set to the music of Nostalgia, two robots sit around a table waiting to have what looks like a robotic version of a family meal, and are joined by one additional bot before dinner is served. The first course is put in front of them with multiple parts of what imagine to represent something that could actually fuel a robot in reality, food is fuel after all, and a light show of a food fight breaks out between them

I’ve heard dubstep music being compared to robots doing plenty of things, but a fight at the family table feels original, and the sounds of the particular dubstep song being played in perfect timing to each of the robots reactions is a particularly good fit for the concept. The setting is dark and it sort of looks like the robots are being housed inside of another robot. Maybe you do but I don’t have a lot of reference for where robots are housed, the actual robots that exist and not the animated type that have synchronized dubstep fights, In any case, I don’t think they’re actually kept inside other larger robots like Russian Babushkas. Maybe it’s meant to be a factory and not a larger mechanical entity that they live together inside of; it’s all up to interpretation.

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