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DRONE Video: Apple Space Ship Campus Update

What a difference a year makes! Here is a drone video with an Apple campus update.

See the progress of the new Apple  construction from an entirely different angle. Shot with a GoPro camera, this aerial view video will make you appreciate structures and cities in a way you don’t get to from the ground.

Seeing the edges of the helicopter blades puts you right into the action, and the audio get your blood pumping from the start. Seeing this video definitely makes me want to visit the completed Apple Campus, and it makes me want to get in the air to shoot some footage of my own.


Thanks to Myithz for sharing. Just a great drone video on Apple campus update.

According to Venture Beat article, the new facility will be able to host around 14,200 employees.

This is a great win for the Bay Area community with a big amount of job creation. But don’t forget traffic jam may arise so check out our article on how much You Can Save Carpooling.

The amount of construction vehicles seem to say this project will be mashed out in no time. Check it out for yourself!

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