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Download this Chrome Extension to Save You Money

Hi Welcome to professorsavings.com

  We bring you daily money saving videos

HI I’m your host Rayfil Wong

Today, we talk about the Chrome Extension called

   Time is Money that can save you big bucks

Convert Prices as Hours of Work

let’s say Darren the hipster is trying to increase his savings

  but surfing the internet does him no good

major point: Time is our more precious asset

so Time is Money converts how much time we need to work to

   trade off for the amount of money we use to buy a product

first download by

  searching “chrome time is money extension”

note: there is a plugin with similar name so choose the right one

next jump over to option in the extension

I choose hourly wage of $15 and then head over to do some shopping

I typed in “ amazon iphone 6 “ and then press the chrome extension button

  and bam

instantly I know I have to work 62 hours and 40 mins to buy this iPhone 6

Lightbulb moment.  Iphone 6 is a Need not a Want,

and I don’t want to trade that much hours of work

ok. maybe it’s something I WANT but not NEED

great tool

thanks for joining us, Professor Savings signing off

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