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Don’t Be A Vacuum, be a Life Giver

Vaccum (Life giver or life sucker)

During middle school, I would hate the end of the month.  Every month, my sister and I had the responsibility to vacuum the entire house.  I never enjoyed lugging the heavy machine around and moving the furniture.  I would complain and say to my sister “Mandy, why do we have to vacuum.  It is going to get dusty later on anyway.”  My sister would then encourage me that it would please mommy and that the house would be cleaner.

After college, my friend taught me a life skill that not only reminded me of a vacuum cleaner but changed my life perspective forever.  He taught me that in life, we can either be life givers or life suckers.  Life givers are individuals who are optimistic and encourage other to dream.  My friend Carmen who graduated with me at UC Berkeley is currently attending law school at University of Pacific.  I give her a call every week acting as a motivational coach.  I encourage her to intentionally network with her peers, affirm her about her intelligence, and to envision her to succeed in life.  I act as a life giver because I add value and encouragement to her life.  So what keep me motivated?

She will be in law school for three years.  The first year she completes, she will take me out to Crustacean, a delicious Vietnamese restaurant.  The second year she finishes, I will get to pick the restaurant.  As the grand finale upon graduation, Carmen will take me to the highly coveted French Laundry, the most hi class restaurant in Northern California.

On the other side of the spectrum, I remember working with Barbara at Ma Laboratories.  Every morning, I would see her come into work with a frown.  She often spoke clearly about her complaints about the company threatened to leave.  She was gossiping about other girl co-workers, complained about not having a boyfriend,  and did not have a positive outlook on life.  After having lunch with her and hearing her complaints, I too began to be more negative and have a less positive outlook in life.

From the experience with Barbara, I affirmed myself that it is beneficial  to be positive and  negativity only hurts an individual image and close off opportunities.  I realized that I would not introduce my potential boyfriends to Barbara or recommend her to my friend in an career opportunity because my reputation would be on the line.

In a world filled with unpredictable changes in our career, weather, politics, and living situations, we must be  seen an a life giver acting as a magnet attracting a wealth of opportunities.

Image to remember: vacuum

Point to remember: Be a life giver, not a life taker.  People are attracted to working and building relationships with positive and motivated individuals.  Having a positive outlook and attitude are just a few of the things in life we can control.  



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