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Don’t Say The Word ‘Impossible’ When You Are Doing Business

Sometimes the most obvious things do not hit people until they started to look back tot when we started to compare who we were, or who others are now to people we wish to become. We compare ourselves because we try to find some validation to who we are, why we think the way we do, why we believe the way we do which is where others label who we are or what we want to do as “foolish” by yapping,  “It’s not going to provide for us”, “it is not going to let us be successful.” Well, rather you be successful or happy? I rather be happy. I do not want to be in a job i go only for the paycheck. I want one that is based on what I believe in.
I no longer compare myself to anything. I no longer compare myself to anything because I am already more than that. A human cannot be described in words because our mind cannot be described in words. How do we think? Are we conscious? Are we awake or asleep? Why do we dream?
I have always believed in the supreme good of people. Everyone has a different view of the world. That view alters the definition of supreme good. Other times ego, and expectations get in the way. That is where egotistic comes from. He is egotistic. I dislike those who think they are better than other people because they currently are the best. How long did it take them to get there? Take that knowledge and teach it to others. Keeping it in your mind is helping nobody. Acting like your better than everyone is helping nobody; it makes you look irresponsible.


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