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Don’t Let Em Throw You Off Your Center

Straight down the middle. No more and no less. This video highlights the art of remaining balanced. It teaches us to appreciate the symmetry of life. Even if it uses a few unconventional approaches.

A bold white dotted line laid directly in the center of the screen shows the balance of everything we see. Faces, foxes, and even hallways all have that line of symmetry to focus on.

Camping tents, doorways, and art easels– once again, straight line down the middle. It’s everywhere we turn, you just have to make the decision to look for it.

Want to see a finger snapping rat or monkey hiding in the attic? Crawl spaces, crucifixes, and a downhill ski…all can be seen from a varied, symmetric perspective.

What does it matter? It doesn’t really. That’s the beauty of the whole video. It highlights the art of perspective. You may decide to view things as a whole or take them as individual parts. One man’s boat ride is another man’s art.

Art gives us the freedom of choice and expression. There are no concrete rules to follow. One just submits to their intuition. What’s been weighing on your mind recently? Have you been thinking about making a few changes? New hair, new car, new baby on the way? All of these things cost money. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel. They’ll show you want you need to know about financial planning.




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