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Don’t Fall For The Hype and Increase Profits For Your Company

The year 2014 introduced many breakthrough innovations, some topics of discussion weren’t very new at all. 3-D printing received a lot of hype throughout the year but it has actually been used for quite some time now.

This technology has been used for many different entertainment purposes however it has done much more than the public has given it credit for. Outside of customized Oreo cookies at the famous SXSW event, 3-D printers have assisted people with looming medical conditions as well. Some podiatrists have been able to utilize the 3-D technology to create customized orthopedic inserts. This method of instant health care is a testament to the endless benefits 3-D printing presents.

Unfortunately, these medical advances were overlooked in the last year. Outshined by more commercialized topics such as the 3-D printing of a handgun, the hype outgrew its welcome to some.

Technology is constantly proving the limits (or lack of limits) of new aged machines. There is so much potential still waiting to be revealed but, for now, we can relish in our present day accomplishments. Are you utilizing all the technology that’s available to your business? Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel to learn how to use it to effectively manage your business’ expenses.




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