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Don’t Compete, You Should Take Them Down From The Start

When you launch a new business, you always hope to give your competitors a run or at least keep pace with them. But sorry, what you should do instead is to beat them at the start.

You may think that a good competitor can provide you motivation to improve. However, when you are dependent on others to give you motivation, you are definitely in trouble. Instead of competing, always try to get out ahead and dominate at the start. See how Apple dominates smart phones market industry when they start producing Iphone. This should be how you beat your competitors.

“You can’t create anything great looking at what other people are doing. You need to get your own thing and dominate.” says sales expert Grant Cardone. For startups, it is not about money. It is about creativity, energy, showing up when you start your business. Let the competitors hate you at the start, and then you are at least at the neighborhood of domination.

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