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Donald Trump Security Guard Punches Mexican Immigrant in Video [Video]

Donald Trump Security Guard Punches Mexican Immigrant in Video

Dear Professor Saving fans,

Donald Trump security guards responds to a protester in the video.

Donald Trump Security guard punches Mexican Mexican on Thursday in the midst of a demonstration trying to protest the Republican presidential candidate for his anti-immigrant stance according to NY1 Noticias reported.

The station aired footage of the demonstrator believe to be Efrain Galicia who apparently chased after the guard, who was carrying a sign he took from the protesters.

The guard then appears to turn and hits Galicia in the face before walking away.

Next, Galicia is seen backing up a few steps before being held back by another guard.

“These men are acting just like their boss, Donald Trump, pushing Jorge Ramos from Univision out,” Galicia said of the guards.

As CNN reported, demonstrators carried signs saying, “Trump: Make America racist again,” an attack at the real estate mogul’s campaign slogan, “Make America great again.”

Some protesters also wore white robes and hoods meant to evoke Ku Klux Klan members.

The protest was the third such effort as part of an anti-Trump boycott, and was held after Trump announced that he had signed a pledge not to run as a third-party candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

Breaking news which was updated, 9:25 p.m. EST: The New York Times reported that Trump’s campaign plans to file charges against Galicia, saying the guard was “jumped from behind.”

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