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Does Kobe’s voice has more range than his jumper in Frozen Parody?

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Kobe Bryant’s voice has more range than his jumper?  

Ouch. That’s ice cold. Get it? Another reference to Frozen.

In just one day, Bleacher Report Kobe Bryant Frozen parody has mustered up almost 300,000 views.

But here are Professor Savings, let’s jump over to the numbers.

Starting with Frozen, the global franchise according to an article from The Street the film that was inspired by The Snow Queen written by Han Christian assisted to increase a 21% increase in the operating income to a whopping $13 billion at Disney in a 12 month period that ended in September.

Total sales for Disney were $49 billion during its fiscal 2014 which is a rise of 8%.

While the Frozen franchise has been a major hit, let’s not forget the multi billion dollar Kobe Brand.

Kobe Bryant has already announced that after his retirement his next adventure is being an entrepreneur.

As a matter of fact, Kobe Bryant at the early age of 21 had a talk with Giorgio Armani scared him into being an entrepreneur.

Early last year, Kobe Bryant sat down with ESPN and shared about his entrepreneur plans.  Bryant is smart visiting executives from Instagram and Twitter to pick up on some tips.

Said Bryant: “I can only imagine It’s basically the same stressful, miserable, joyful, blessed journey.”

Bryant has already made his first investment in a sports drink Body Armor.

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