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Being Detail Oriented Helps You Get What You Want – Be a Great Picasso

Be A Great Painter in Order to Get What You Want

by Rayfil Wong

When I lived with my parents during my high school days, I can still remember when we would receive a few telemarketing calls a week.  Being Chinese, I would pick up the phone and discover that it was a telemarketing call and I would say pretending to have a Chinese accent, “no, no lo, speak key English. No call  lo back.”  I was often frustrated when telemarketers would call and ask for us to subscribe to more cable channels or open a new credit card in a tone that was monotonic confirming that they were reading from a script.  I can hear it in their voice that not only did not care about my best interest but also their script really bored me to death.  

After working as a marketing representative and inside sales representative for Ma Labs, I have become an effective telemarketer.  Currently, I am a college recruiter working in the sales department for DeVry, a well-known private university that gears the academic towards the career field.

I would received leads from students who were interested in more information.  The secret to being a successful telemarketer entails two major keys.  The first key is for the client to understand the situation and identify the problem and see my company as the solution.  The second is that the student must sense the urgency to act fast.

Ray:  Is this Joe Johnson?

Joe: Who is this?

Ray: My name is Ray with Johnson University.  I understand that you want to learn more about our University.  I was wondering if I can just have about two minutes of your time.  I will tell you about DeVry and if at anytime, you feel that it is not a good fit for you, I wish you the best of luck where ever you go.  Is that fair?

Joe: Sure, I got two minutes.

Ray:  Let me tell you about myself.  I graduated from UC Berkeley three years ago and then worked for a Skyline community college.  I was a graduate tutor and often asked my student how old they were.  One student Brian told me he was twenty four.  I was amazed and so I waned to work for DeVry because being an expert in the education field, I want to help student just like yourself get a college degree and start working in the work force.  Joe, when did you graduate from high school?

Joe: I graduated ten years ago, went to a community college and dropped out and started working for McDonalds eversince.

Ray:  Do you see yourself yelling “drop the fries” for forty more years in your life being around fast food during your work hours?  If we can offer you something better, a better lifestyle, would you be interested in know more?

Joe: Sure, of course.

Ray:  What do you like to do in your free time?  

Joe: I enjoy watching football and playing video games.

Ray: Joe, can you imagine working for Electronic Arts, the world’s largest video game maker.  You would work eight to five.  With a business degree from DeVry, you would be working in the business sales department trying to determine a good launch date for Madden 2004, the most popular football game franchise.  Do you want to get paid about $45,000 starting salary doing something you would enjoy and be happy with?

Joe: wow, I never thought about that.

Ray: What percentage of the things you learn in college do you use in you career?

Joe: no much I guess

Ray: Well at DeVry, one hundred percent of the things you learn in you college with be towards your career?  Do that sound good?

Joe: makes sense and does not waste time.

Ray:  How important is it for you to get a job after you graduate?

Joe:  Very.  After all, that is the point of getting a college degree.

Ray: Joe, getting a job is so important.  Last semester, 145 student graduated and 143 students got jobs within six monts of using our job placement service.  We are not perfect but I would say that a 96% rate is good for in this economy. I have been trying to purchase a two bedroom house in the Sunset district and the average house cost around $600,000 so I know that getting a job is important.  Lets recap.  You said that you want a school that teaches things you will use for your career, you also want a school that have a job lined up for you when you graduate.  You can also see yourself working for a video game company and being happy getting paid for something you are very passionate about.  Anything I missed?

Joe: sounds about right

Ray: you can probably can tell that we have to met soon.  Remember, time is the most important thing in life, not money.  Lets schedule for us to meet tomorrow at 7pm so that we can discuss how I can help you take the next step and make your dream a reality.

Joe: sure, can’t wait.

Ray: Any questions or concerns before I go?

Joe: see you tomorrow

Image to remember: Picasso, a great painter

Points to remember: describe clearly in detail to your potential clients how your service or product will benefit them and make their dreams come true.  Remember to paint a different picture for each individual so cater to the desires and dreams done by asking great impactful questions.  Close by asking if there are any questions or concerns to prevent a hidden problem.



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