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Credit Cards Help Build Credit

If you have a bad credit rating, you must improve it. To do that, you’ll need to use your existing credit wisely.

Credit Cards Help Build Credit

But having said that, taking credit from the market is equally tough for people who are having a bad credit history as well as people who have never taken credit from the market. Lenders are willing to give credit to only those who have a good credit rating in the eyes of the lenders.

They have no way to gauge your ability to manage your credits and repay them in time. So, having a clean slate in your finances is even worse than having a bad history. But for credit cards to help build credit, there is nothing much to worry. Here are some of the tips that you need to follow in order to acquire credit cards to help build credit:

• Have an income which is sufficient to show your lenders that you are capable of repaying your credits. Put down your own personal income, strictly your own and not your family, on the application form for the credit card.

• Pre-qualify for a credit card by applying on the online application formats of the credit card sellers and check the credit profile that matches yours. These checks would not hurt your credit profile or ratings and give you an idea of your credit paying capabilities.

• The reason for your disqualification for your credit application would be intimated to you via mail, and then you would have to decide on how to progress. One of the main reasons that you might be denied a credit card is your income. If the lender feels that your income is not suitable enough, he will disqualify you.

• You can also apply for the student credit card which is specially meant for students who do not have a credit history or a large income. But you should be careful while choosing these as they charge very high interest rates.

• Get a co-signer who can be your parents or the people you know closely. You can take advantage of their good credit history and take a credit card based on their portfolio.



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