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Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking – Story of Godzilla

Godzilla ( Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking) 

by Rayfil Wong

When I was five years old, I was a very shy child and never in my dreams believed that I would turn out to be a motivational speaker.  I still remember the times when my parents would take me to McDonalds for breakfast on Stanyan street in San Francisco near the famous Haight district. 

When I wanted more ketchup, I was afraid to go to the counter and simply ask for more ketchup packets.  My sister would go up to the counter and ask in her cute four year old voice and said, “more ketchup please.”  I was so embarrassed that being the older brother, I was not able to even request for the essential ketchup packet for my hash browns. 

As I entered high school, my love for business began as I picked up my first investment book “Investing for Dummies.”  As I read more chapters, I knew that in order to be a great business man, I needed to have public speaking skills yet I was afraid to speak with a stranger let alone in front of large crowds.  Amazingly, I challenged myself and joined the high school speak club.  

After an entire season attending tournaments and speaking in front of strangers, I was no longer afraid to talk to strangers and public speak in front of large audiences.  Formerly, my biggest monster known as Godzilla was public speaking.

  Growing up, Godzilla seemed unbeatable because the monster is so strong, so fierce with fiery breath, that I thought was unconquerable.  To my amazement, I learned that I was afraid because of my perception.  Some people look at Godzilla with fear and say, “the monster is so big that I can never conquer my fear.”  Instead, I said

“Godzilla is so big, I can’t miss!”

After conquering my fear of public speaking, I am have opened so many opportunities for myself such as networking with strangers. 

I was hired by my old co-worker’s boyfriend to be a hi-tech recruiter because as the CEO, he recognized that I had great public speaking skills to sell his service as well as carry great telephone conversations. 

As you identify with your Godzilla, I encourage you to take steps and conquer your fears because the rewards and opportunities are tremendous.

Image to remember: Godzilla

Point to remember: conquer your fears and focus on the awards and the opening of opportunities   



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