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When Being Comfortable and Living Well Aren’t the Same Thing

Using a combination of interview footage from National Geographic photographer Cory Richards, and a compilation of his work for the magazine, the video An Ode to Discomfort … takes us on the journeys that the former 14 year old high school dropout has gone on since finding his niche in photography. From hiking the Himalayas in the winter, to meeting with people from all corners of the world to tell their stories through visuals, he’s learned things about people and the planet that others who have surpassed him formal education may never know, and gone places many of us wouldn’t even think about venturing out to.

You can see what the National Geographic photographer means when he talks about meeting a person and being able to see years of history in their faces. Images like a single Polar bear standing on the last ice cap for miles around, and a single diver out to for his daily catch while holding on to nothing more than a single spear open your eyes to everything that is out there, and how possible it is to make more of your life than you may have imagined as possible, regardless of or perhaps even due to the fact you’ve gone off the beaten path.

Turning the camera on his own frozen face wasn’t done in attempt to land on the cover of National Geographic. It was done as a means to deal with an almost incomprehensible amount of pain and duress while trekking through a climate and landscape that are far outside the comfort zone of most people. While you may or may not end up being the next person who gets to tell the story of what Richards calls our human family through the work that you do, and risks that you take, it’s vital that we all get to feel that we’re doing what we’re meant to do, no matter if it’s working as a National Geographic photographer or traveling across the country to write the next great American novel. Subscribing to Professor Savings tips on how to save money can mean feeling secure enough to step outside of your comfort zone, and not feeling held back by worry that you won’t have the finances to get by if you pursue your passions.




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