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Chris Brown Should Have Kissed Her

California, the sun and sand, and of course lots of girls; these are the keys to Chris Brown’s I Should Have Kissed You video. The party scenes in the video look like scenes from an actual party where someone just so happened to have a high definition camera, which is cool in a way. There’s no reason to believe Chris Brown couldn’t hire professional models and have a set rented, but these girls clearly aren’t that. That isn’t a remark on how attractive these girls are or are not, but just watch and you’ll see for yourselves, you could easily see these girls at your local mall and who amongst us hasn’t flirted with someone in a mall at one point or another?

Which of these girls should Chris Brown have kissed? That isn’t exactly made clear because for whatever reason he’s singing his heart out on the beach alone, separate from the party with celebrity guest Kevin Hart and the previously mentioned girls who are all dancing and bikini clad of course. Not having any one girl on the beach leaves it open to any Chris Brown fans watching the video that they could be the girl he’s singing to and longing to move forward with despite the fact that he is too uncertain to peruse things fully; you could say the R&B star is keeping the dream alive!

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