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Chopsticks in a Deli (know the demographics of your customers)

Chopsticks in a Deli

(know the demographics of your customers)

by Rayfil Wong

Mr. Deli, a successful entrepreneur, has opened up eleven deli’s around downtown San Francisco.  As I glanced over the menu, I saw the usual such as turkey and salami sandwhiches.  Yet, I was amazed when I saw a big sign saying

“Won –Ton Soup pick up here!”

I was confused to say the very least.  I asked myself, “why would a deli serve Chinese food?”  During the interview, Mr. Deli gave me a very important hint necessary to being a successful entrepreneur.  He reminded me to know your customers and the demographics.  Mr. Deli usually opens his delis underneath tall commercial buildings in downtown San Francisco.  He noticed that over one third of the San Francisco downtown workers were of Asian decent and many are immigrants.  Mr. Deli said, “an immigrant from some Asian countries, a roast beef sandwhich is not so tasty looking but won-ton soup for lunch would be great.”  Therefore, Mr. Deli said

“give the customers what they want!”

Mr. Deli started selling the basic sandwhiches such as turkey and once he had customers wanting more variety, he added those selections to his menu.  Mr. Deli said that most restaurant or delis fail because the chef or owner only serve what they think is the best to offer to their customer yet at the end, the customer are the ones who create the menu.  The deli now serves sandwhiches, has a salad bar, won ton noodle soup and even sushi.

Mr. Deli enjoys basketball as well and reminded me that “great players adjust.”

Image to remember: Chopsticks in a Deli

Business tip to remember: know what your customers want and adjust your business as customers change their taste or needs



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