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Choosing the Right Colors Will Increase Traffic on Your Website

As if there wasn’t already enough things on your plate, when developing your company’s marketing strategy, does color really have something to do with your success.

Many people make assumptions based on data surrounding color research. When a particular company transferred their call to action button from red to green, they noticed a significant increase in responses. However, when another company did the opposite, they saw a similar approach.

So which color is best for securing conversions? Red or green? The debate ensued with opposing parties shouting their color choice from the top of their lungs but, they are all wrong.

The biggest mistake a business owner can make is assuming that what worked for one company will work for them. Other factors including the background colors of the website, text colors, and other designs will determine which color will work best. For conversions, the best color to use is dependent on your context as a whole. The color of the call to action button should not blend in with the rest of the site’s design. But there’s no hard rule on which color to decide to use.

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