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CEO tells you how to become successful

Adam Tilton, the president of Rithmio, a gesture-reading software platform for motion-sensing devices. The user of the software can train its device to recognize new strategies.


As a technologist studying PHD in universities, he really enjoys on the things that he is working on. However, he has no idea about business and he did really struggle a bit in closing the business gap in the start. He went to his advisors with questions like “How to become a better CEO or manager” instead of technical issues. Business was not a territory that he was good at.


Excitement is the thing he enjoyed most when becoming an entrepreneur. Starting up his own company makes him energetic every day when he gets out of bed and even difficult to fall asleep sometimes. Although at the start goals are often changing for startups, it become less frequent as time goes on and feel more confident in achieving his success.


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