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Caught Red Handed: Police Brutality in Berlin Reflects Recent American Police Violence

It’s only fair to say that while this video may arouse thoughts of similarities between police brutality here in The States and that in Berlin, no one in this video is shot at or murdered, as has been the case in the instances of police brutality happening here in our country. It also doesn’t seem to include race as a factor, although I couldn’t say what the specific nationality or ethnicity of the man is in the video, only that he is in Berlin and looks like the group of police men who ruthlessly take him down, while another group of law enforcement officers pull his reasonably panicked girlfriend away; eventually tossing her into the streets before she is seen standing again, arms being pulled back by at least three men as a female officer walks towards her, presumably to calm her down.


There isn’t much background captured to establish what’s going on in this video, but what begins with a conversation on a street corner quickly escalates to three police officers throwing themselves onto a man who doesn’t look to be enough of a threat for that response and is even wearing a clown nose that ironically never seems to leave his face throughout the uncomfortably long beat down that can’t be described as anything other than police brutality if you’re being honest. Crowds that outnumber the increasing amount of police officers by more than a few gather, and many concerned citizens are seen trying to step in and reason with the officers, being presented by the police with what looks like a bottle of pepper spray or taser in response.


There is a gut clenching moment when the man’s leg is being wrapped around a pole as if the officers are going to attempt to break it, and many farther out in the crowd can be heard screaming out in protest as the policeman seem more annoyed with the fact anyone would want to stop them, or film them, than concerned about their actions or how reasonable they may or may not be. It’s likely this man was tied up in legal battles after the fact, especially if this does truly mirror brutality in the states. While money would be far from your first concern if something like this happened to you or someone you love, good lawyers won’t come cheap, and you’ll need one if you’re literally fighting the law in court. Subscribing to Professor Savings can help you to establish emergency funds with top tips on how to save money should such unfortunate instances arise.

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