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The Cast of “Downtown Abbey” are joined for The Holidays by Two “Absolutely Fabulous” Guest

George Clooney and Absolutely Fabulous star Joanna Lumley, who you may also recognize from feature films like The Wolf of Wall Street or even James and The Giant Peach, join the cast of Downtown Abbey for a nearly ten minute holiday spoof and charity appeal. The Downtown Abbey cast has a sort of A Christmas Carol/ It’s A Wonderful Life-esque moment as their patriarch is shown what life would have been like for the people he knows and loves if he had never been born, including his daughters who he points out couldn’t have been born without him.


The video is light and funny, and includes a couple appeals for charity through the Text Santa program. Since it seems the Downtown Abbey cast, Clooney and Lumley have united for this particular collaboration via the BBC, donating to charity during the holiday season with Text Santa is probably more of a concern for Brits looking to give back than Americans, but if you want to take your chances feel free. Otherwise, just check out the video and have a laugh here and there. Even if you don’t watch the show it’ll be pretty easy to catch on to what’s going on, and if you don’t watch the show but are aware of the London department store Selfridge’s, one character will be of particular interest to you.


Donating to charity and shopping are two things on completely different ends of the spectrum, but both require money to be spent. Being able to do both things is ideal for anyone, but sometimes you have to pick one over the other, especially during the holiday season when you’d much rather be able to do both.


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