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capitalism is not only about money

Is it true that in the capitalist world business owners are always concerned with money? Former Host of Dragons’ Den and Author of Redefining Success, W. Brett Wilson, in this video explain a concept to you which is called ‘conscious capitalism‘ and the importance of giving back to the community.


W. Brett Wilson, age, 38, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, injected 20 million dollar fund to invest in environmental and social issues. He recognizes that charity is good business, and that social media could be of great help in marketing to your business.


When young people deliver and share, they could create a lot of positive impact on your brand. Successfully engaging with young people could make other users to like your business, for instance, on Facebook or twitter too.

Wilson is also very eager in giving back to the community. He is involved in raising funds and awareness as to issues like women in Afghanistan, people who have eating disorder, blindness and mental disorder. He also cares about the LGBT community.

Concerning the religious barriers to right to die, Wilson even uses his brand to provoke the conversation. ‘I may not be right about the conversation but am right in provoking the conversation.’, he said.

Maybe we could now reconsider what capitalism could be.

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