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Productive On The Fly Can Possibly Make You More Money

You’re in an unfamiliar city and need a professional place to meet a potential client in an hour. And you would lost this value client if could find a decent place. Now what are you gonna do?

Thanks to LiquidSpace, a self-service app that can let you instantly find, book and pay for workspaces, meeting rooms and boardrooms by the hour or by the day is now built for entrepreneurs who fly a lot.

In this video, Scott Gerber, a New York City-based serial entrepreneur and angel investor, shares what he likes most about LiquidSpace. He talks about how the app works and why he uses it when he travels for business, something the Young Entrepreneur Council founder does about two weeks out of every month.

LiquidSpace may be a reliable resource for busy business travelers, but it’s also helpful for entrepreneurs and companies with office space to spare, from high-end boardrooms to single desks and beyond.

Besides looking for meeting places, you probably also need some money saving and investment tips if you are doing businesses. So don’t hesitate to CLICK HERE to subscribe to Professorsavings channel to enrich your financial knowledge!



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