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How Can Getting Your Fans to Tattoo Your Logo Increase Traffic to Your Company?

Anytime Fitness is home to some devoted gym rats. There’s nothing wrong with having a strong following, especially if it places your franchise in first place on the Franchise 500 list. What helped push Anytime Fitness above the rest? The amount of the 24-hour franchise’s followers who have tattooed its logo on their bodies.

They have a special policy that guarantees they’ll reimburse anyone who gets their logo tattooed and shares their “Anytime Story”. They want to hear how their members have overcome adversity and achieved their fitness goals.

Anytime Fitness’ CEO Chuck Runyon says that it’s four principles that pushes the business and its employees to be the best. Family, health, wealth and safety- in that order. Anytime has grown to more than 2,400 locations globally and project another 1,500 within 5 years.

Even major franchises like this had to start somewhere. If you’re considering starting your own business, concentrate on building the most successful beginning, and growing from there. Or, you could always use your entrepreneurialism to join the ranks of Anytime Fitness franchisees. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel to determine how to make the most of your money. It only takes a good plan to turn a dream into reality.




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