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When can you afford buying Air Jordans?


Dear Debt Fighters,

  This weekend the Jordan 11 Snakeskin was released. Not surprisingly, the shoe was sold out retail price $150 in a 
short period of time.  Many buyers especially teenagers later sell it on the web on auction sites such as ebay for a $100 profit.

  The question becomes. When can someone afford to buy these premium pair of shoes?  The answer ...

When you can BUY 3 in Cash.

  When I was a recruited at DeVry University, I remember going to a student's home.  He told me that he did not have money to apply for college which was only $55.  However, I quickly glanced around the apartment and saw boxes of Jordan shoes which retails for at least $150 each.  My point is that we need to prioritize our money and spend it on investment such as an education.

  One of my favorite quote is "Never settle for something you want now for what you really want MOST in life."

Happy Easter,

 Sincerely, Rayfil Wong



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