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Can Adorable Puppy Ads Help Budweiser Sell More Beer: Super Bowl 2015

Dear Professor Savings fans,

As much as I am excited to watch the Super Bowl, I certainly love the ads.  This is the time for brands like Budweiser to shine and showcase their most creative advertisements in attempt to both build brand awareness and as a result increase sales.

According to Forbes article, Yes, A Super Bowl Ad Really Is Worth $4 Millionin 2014 a 30 second spot will cost a jaw dropping $4million dollars and a 60 second spot for $8 million dollars.

Let’s not forget the cost of the production.

So breaking through the noise, Budweiser aims to product adds that evoke an emotional appeal.

After all, who doesn’t like adorable puppies and majestic horses.  After graduating from UC Berkeley, my first job out of college was working for Budweiser as an urban marketing representation.

4 things I learned from Budweiser

1) Don’t sell the product, sell the experience. In this ad, Budweiser is selling the brand connection with ad that represents friendship.

2) Be great story tellers.  Just because you have just spent the big marketing dollars on an advertisement, it does not mean you will be remembered.  Adding some horses and puppies would do the trick.

3) Don’t go for the KNOCKOUT, JAB. Don’t oversell. Recently advertisers understand that there is so much noise that you can’t oversell the product.  Instead, the key is to position yourself to be the first in mind.

Thirsty? Grab a Budweiser.  But that impression may only come after seeing the brand run across our minds a few times.

4) Provide value. In this ad, there are no visuals for the Budweiser can. Instead, the commercial aims to provide entertainment value and a warm fuzzy feeling. Result, a viral coverage from media blogs.

So enjoy the NFL Super Bowl XLIX and the host of entertaining ads.

Professor Savings Signing off,

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