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How to build your resume in college

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Today we bring you 10 ways to build your resume in college so that you can get the highest paying job possible and make some good money

In this global job market, there is very high competition for those highly coveted jobs

so here are 10 simple ways

here are 10 tips

#1 Companies value internships has great hands on experience. A good reference

by an employer is priceless. Value the experience more than the pay company offers.

Don’t wait to last year to dive in.

#2 We live in a global economy.  Learn new languages like Chinese to give you

a competitive advantage over other candidates.

#3  Learn to code. Understand the basics behind the web.

# 4 Join a club to network and dedication to a group.

#5 Take a leadership role. Handle club finance or build club’s Facebook page.

#6 Bring in group  speakers.  Organize network nights or organize discussion pane to learn from speakers.

#7 Be a campus guide. This helps you improve on your public speaking skills.

#8 Build a digital portfolio to highly your college experience.

Wow hiring managers by having your own domain name.

#9 Study abroad.  This signals to potential employers your adventurous personality

and experience to adjust to new environments.

#10 Freelance work.  Pick up some jobs to make money and show your entrepreneur, self motivated, starter side.

Bonus: Volunteer. This shows your personality to help others.

Must tip. Create an online presence so these tips will help you fill up your profile especially on


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