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How to Build an Empire with Hangouts

Many of your favorite celebrities are multi-talented. They recognize the impact of maximizing their status and use it to their full advantage.

In this video, some major names have banned together to serve as investors in an app titled, Hang w/, a live video version of social media.  Andrew Maltin,

Fans get the chance to literally “Hang” with their favorite celebrities. It’s taken an aspect of social media, when the world didn’t think it was possible to improve in any way, and made it even more interactive.

When building your business, you have to remember to identify a need. In this instance, Hang w/ is mutually beneficial for the celebrities and the fans who use it. They’ve capitalized on the need to build an organic relationship with their following. And, as celebrities, they probably understand that their careers aren’t guaranteed. Which is likely one of the reasons that these names have joined in as investors.

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