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How A Broke NBA Star Can Keep You Out of Trouble

Oh Mr. Antoine Walker!  How did you manage to spend $110 million dollars?

The saying is true, it’s NOT how much you make, it’s how much you keep.

This is a must see video not only for NBA ballers but also for any rising stars whether you’re a clown, musician, or the inventor of the selfie stick.

The lesson is that store you must store money for rainy days.

In this case, Antoine Walker has some great advice. He lost his money from real estate investment deals and his problem was they he had too much trust in his associates.

His lesson is to invest after you retire in the NBA so that you can look out after the money.

Also, know the difference between somethings YOU WANT and something YOU NEED.

Ok ok.

Who can blame  a guy who comes out of poverty, makes it rich, and over spends a little.

So listen to Professor Savings, learn the basics of saving and investing. Make sure you subscribe to our Daily Money Saving videos and watch our playlist.

Trust me, you’ll thank me.



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