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How Bringing Good News can help you close the sales – Santa Claus

Playing Santa Claus 

The Gift of Giving, not Getting

by Rayfil Wong

Oprah Winfrey, the queen of talk show, is more than just a great communicator.  More importantly, she is the master in regards to bringing a gift or blessing to a person.  Two weeks ago, her first show of the her 2004 season was unforgettable.  Oprah Winfrey had selected about twelve studio audience members and surprised them when they found out each of were given keys to a fully loaded Pontiac sedan. 

Next, Oprah told the studio audience that there was one remaining key left for one extra car.  The audience were each given a white box with a ribbon.  Then Oprah told all the studio audience to open the boxes and there was a key in each and every box so everyone won a new car that day.  

Oprah truly reminds me of Santa Claus.  She truly brings not only good news but also gives gifts that truly help people.  Often in times, people forget that giving but not expecting to receive can open so many opportunities and doors. 

As an college recruiter,  my goal last week was to go into high schools and ask teachers if they would give up their precious classroom time so that I can perform my motivational speech and attempt to recruit students.  In order to open doors, I would hold a candy jar with the DeVry logo and say, “Mr. Walker, I just came by to give you this candy jar for the school season. 

I was wondering if I can help you get your seniors motivated and attend college.”  Since I phrased my wording so stratetically, most teachers love to be helped plus the candy jar opened his heart and attention.  I acted as if I was Santa Claus, bearing a gift and good news.  In the working world, I know that teachers often are stressed out with their students not listening in class or not doing their homework.  Understandably so, teachers are attracted to people who can bring motivation and bring a joyful ambience to their everyday stressful life.

Image to remember: Santa Claus, ribbons, and gift boxes

Point to consider: have the attitude of giving relieves stress, opens doors to relationships as well as opportunities.

Sales tip: open conversations with

“I have good news for you…” or   “ I have a surprise for you…”



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