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Black Friday in a Not So Distant Future?

The kind of heavy bass you’d expect to hear on a dance floor and not while walking on the sidewalk of any urban or industrial setting is the backdrop to this very imaginative video. It’s clear that everyone is wearing a fat suit and prosthetics of some kind, and the stars and stripes that fill out the letters to the words ammo on display in the discount appliance store we follow one strange little couple into designate the good old U. S. of A as the location.

You could say this is some sort of dark future, but it actually looks like the minds behind this video had our time and place in mind. Unhealthy citizens, a general lack of respect reflected early on as a little man throws a cup of soda at a woman’s face as she walks past him, exaggerated ugliness that’s probably meant to match the insides with the outsides, and several people using those Hoveround style mechanical chairs who are later revealed to be capable of running around on their own are all less than flattering reflections of the general population.

There was a moment when I wasn’t sure exactly what I was seeing or how it tied into anything and the first association I was able to make came right at the end. Four people fight to their bloody deaths over one last stuffed toy in a discount store, while the clerk stands by unconcerned. If this doesn’t bring to mind Black Friday and individuals being trampled as they rush in for the two or three flat screens on sale for the holiday season, I don’t know what would?

Many of you may be Black Friday shoppers, and I won’t criticize anyone for trying to get a deal, but it should be noted that deals are available all the time, and usually not in the sort of fashion where individuals risk physical harm, or worse. Seriously, why is a holiday season sale the closest thing we have in real life to the fictionalized events in the movie The Purge? Having drawn this comparison, wouldn’t choosing not to purge, or more literally avoiding seeing Black Friday shopping as a necessity be easier if you’d saved throughout the year? Many options like Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday exist where you can shop deals safely from your home, and by subscribing to Professor Savings for tips on how to save money, you’ll be way ahead of the game!



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