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It’s Bigger Than You, But You Don’t Realize It

Every time you step outside, you’re faced with lights. They’re everywhere. Headlights, streetlights, traffic lights, towers, homes, skyscrapers. When the sun sets, the city’s skyline lights up like a Christmas tree. It’s breathtaking.

All of those lights, and the supporting developments that come with them, come at a cost. We see bigger and better, new and improved, but as humans, we’re crossing over into detrimental territory with our consumption of the Earth’s resources.

It’s beautiful, we admit. The more that we create, the more we feel we need it. If it’s not new and improved, we don’t want anything to do with it. That’s understandable when it comes to personal effects. No one wants to brush their teeth with a used toothbrush or walk around wearing a pair of used underwear. (Gross!) But we could do a little better in other areas.

Forests were once revered as the home of vital oxygenating plant life. Now, we see opportunities for expansion. Trees are cut down for materials and the remaining land is hauled over with a thick sheet of concrete. This video asks the world to start thinking about limits to the “human invasion”.

There are needs and wants. Some of the reasons we’ve continued to build have been totally frivolous. Other enterprises were created to fill a necessary void. Maybe there’s more that you can do on your own. Subscribe to Professor Savings on YouTube by clicking here. It’s a channel devoted to educating the masses on managing money. Maybe if we learn to save a little more, we’ll be able to share that conservative mindset with the rest of the environment.



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