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Beyonce Really Outdid Herself with This Latest Video

When you have a musical resume that’s even half as amazing as Beyonce’s, you have continuously feed your creativity. Your adoring fans don’t want to hear anything about needing a break, their appetite for Beyonce is insatiable. She’s not afraid of the demand. Time and again, she delivers on their expectations.

When she announced her relationship with fellow musical genius, Jay Z, everyone was clenching to the edge of their seats. In essence, a power couple of this magnitude was simply unfair. They’d practically reached hip hop royalty status on their own so with the two of them together, we were preparing the rose petals for tossing at their feet.

We all wanted to know the answer to the question but dare not ask it aloud. When would they release a collaboration? The world was waiting! Then, the magic happened.

As “Drunk In Love” blasted through radio speakers across the country, we did everything in our power to keep from passing out in excitement. Take a look at this special video release that takes Beyonce’s creativity level to new heights. She really stepped outside of the box with this one.

Witness the masterful special effects as you bounce along to the track. Don’t be shy, when the hook comes around, practice your best Beyonce impression. By now, you probably have Jay Z’s verse down packed. Grab a pair of “hater blockers” and bust a flow.

We know you can’t hold back and it’s totally understandable. We see couples like them and can only imagine the lavish life of luxury that they get to live. While you may not be as musically inclined, you still deserve to live comfortable. It all boils down to the decisions you make right now. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel to keep up with sound financial management strategies. If you make the right decisions now, one day you may be waking up in your very own penthouse suite.





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