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Best Slides to learn entrepreneur basics


At Professorsavings.com, we are here to teach finance basics as well as cover the very basics of entrepreneurship.  Today, I found a great slideshare from the CEO and Co-Founder of iContact Connect Ryan Allis.

4 Points to share from personal experience

1) An idea is not a business. So make sure you have customers that will pay.

2) Make sure it is a big enough problem to solve. So ask yourself are you creating a demand or filling one?

3) In order to solve that problem, it make take many years so be prepared for an entrepreneur lifestyle which includes focus and sacrifice.

4) There is no exact recipe for entrepreneur success.  If you want something with a recipe, bake a cookie. But there are basic foundational principles. For instance, entrepreneur will fail at some point along the way and having the strength to go through adversity is key.

Thanks Ryan Allis for sharing this.

Rayfil Wong



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