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Justin Bxxber Should Do His Rehab in HERE

Well, we all know that Justin Bxxber is acting weird lately and some believe it’s because the menopause thing! If that’s the case, I do hope menopause can help JB gaining more “men-hood” in his body! Maybe he should move to Omaha to start his journey of transformation there! #justkidding


On a more serious note, even if you had all day, it would be so hard to experience all the awesome things that Omaha has to offer. Thanks to this time lapse that is jam packed with Omaha sights and cityscapes, you can see so much in just four minutes.


Eric Anderson really outdid himself and gave us all this wonderful gift called “Welcome to Omaha”. From the sites of Memorial Park to action at TD Ameritrade Park, this whole video will blow you away, literally the best mind “blowing job” from Eric Anderson! #kidding again


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