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The best money tips eve

College students this article is for you. Being cashless has become a state which one cannot turn a blind eye too. Either surrender to facing money problems forever or take a look at these financial money tips.


The best money tips ever

These tips shall ensure you see through your college days and beyond with enough money in your pocket.

– Budget well in advance. Get an idea of how much you think you will spend on rent, gas and electricity.

– Maintain a fund for emergency situation. Accidents strike without warning so keeping money stashed away in a bank for this purpose is a very good idea.

-Tie up with a reputed bank with a strong savings account. This way your account balance will grow every month.

– Keep away from debt: Make use of cash before your credit card. Credit cards charge a lot of interest if you fail to make payments. Using cash will keep you grounded and you will have a good idea of how much money you are spending on the go.

-Use a pre-paid mobile instead of a post-paid one. You don’t want any surprises from your service provider so pre-paid payment for talk time is always better.

– Sell your old belongings which you don’t use any more on eBay or on Amazon. This way you can make some money on the side.

– Buy what you need. Always shop during sales. This will save you a lot much than you planned on spending. Unnecessary splurging won’t keep you happy for long.

– Throw a party at home instead of going to a club and spending out your hard earned money. Save whatever you can whenever you can.

– Make use of public transport. This is an important financial money tip. Public transport can save you big bucks. No more worrying about the rising fuel prices or car maintenance.

– Seek a part time job. People are willing to pay others for jobs they themselves don’t have time to do. Walk someone’s dog or take out the trash. One could even write articles and get paid on a per word basis. There are tons of jobs like these that can be found on the Internet. Beware of scams that dupe people by asking for money first and then they send you work.

These financial money tips will safeguard your future and make sure that the financial road ahead is smooth.

1) Budgeting is the first step into working out your finances. Do it on a monthly basis.
2) Buy what you need. Avoid shopping when it isn’t sale season.
3) Look for a part time job. Thanks for watching. Please help us grow.



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