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The best for better Driving Traffic to Your Website?

You’ve built this awesome website, picked out all these cool colors and even had your very own logo designed. Before you start looking for a mascot uniform, you have to make sure that your audience knows where to find you. So which is better, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) or search engine optimization (SEO)?

PPC trusts a third party like Google Adwords to bring the right people to your website. SEO leaves the job in your own hands. So the real question is, do you trust yourself?

Better yet, do you even have to choose? In reality, they both have their pros and cons. But, the bottom line rests on your bottom dollar. How much advertising can you afford? How much money are you willing to invest into your website? It’s a lot to digest, but you don’t have to feel your way through the dark. Click here to subscribe to the Professor Savings YouTube channel to stay up to date on money magic tricks that’ll keep extra cash in your budget each month.



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