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Begging a Creative Career? Get Inspired by Ira Glass

Text and the spoken word do a magical sort of dance while this fairly short, but deeply inspiring video plays, and Ira Glass presents beginners in the field of creative work with some of the best advice they’ll ever receive. The video captures an assortment of creative tools and projects as vehicles for the text that is shown; tools and creations such as food, pencils, and recording software, just to name a small handful. Each word you see is being simultaneously spoken by Glass as he explains the gap between a creative professionals taste and work in the beginning of their career.


According to Glass, producing a hefty volume of work is the only way to close that gap, and to be truly satisfied with the quality of your own work as a creative professional. In the context of the video, aptly titled The Gap, Glass specifically mentions setting a deadline to have a story written each month or week, however the advice of setting deadlines and falling deeply into your creative work is great for all sort of creative individuals looking to make their passion into their career, no matter if it’s writing, the performing or visual arts, or even something more out there and on the fringe in comparison to traditional jobs and career paths.


In addition to not being entirely satisfied with the quality of your work in the very begging of your creative career, years after the beginning even, you may not be completely satisfied with the quality of your income either.  There is a reason that the idea of the starving artist exists and endures after all, but being a creative professional doesn’t mean that you have to struggle, or that you can’t maintain a budget just like anyone else.


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