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Before you Buy, Watch this Apple Watch Review Video

Dear Professor Savings,

The much anticipated Apple Watch will release April 24th, 2015.   Luckily, I watched the Verge Apple Watch review video by Nilay Patel.  The first thing to establish is that the Apple Watch is more a want than a need.

While being the first on the block to sport the Apple Watch is cool, the price simply does not justify the functions provided.  I would suggest consumers wait for future editions citing bug issues and just native apps.

The Verge review provides many insights such as the real life scenario of receiving notifications at bars.  Simply, I would invest in the Apple Watch if it helped me save time in terms of productivity.  On the fashion end, I don’t think that the Apple Watch is so outstanding that it will be a jaw dropper.

Overall, I like Apple Watch competing in the wearable space but I’ll hold off a bit with the hefty purchase.

Professor Savings signing off.



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